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IP Office Hot Desking & More!




Hot-desking allows a number of users to share the same extension. Users log in with their own identity, and thus receive only their calls, their voicemail and other personal features. This allows staff such as sales personnel who are in the office only occasionally to use the telephones and voicemail features without needing their own physical telephone. Once they have finished work, they simply log off from the phone, freeing it up for the next employee. Logging on in one location automatically logs an employee off in the previous location.

Multisite option

IP Office is ideal for any company with multiple locations. Connect up to 32 sites and have all the IP Office systems communicate seamlessly.

The following additional features are available: · Presence / Busy Lamp Field across the Network · Camp on · Call-back when free · Paging · Call Pickup · Centralised personal/system directories · Centralised call log · Centralised and/or distributed voicemail · Absent text messages · SCN channel optimisation · Distributed huntgroup · Remote hot-desking · Breakout dialing

For businesses with more than one location, IP Office can deliver continuous operation. In the event of a power outage, users with IP phones can automatically failover to another location, retaining full communications capabilities. The voicemail system can also have redundancy built in, so that a backup solution is always available.

Conferencing applications

Avaya IP Office comes with two built-in 64-party conference bridges to help small businesses collaborate seamlessly and cost-effectively. Businesses currently spending on conference calls with a service provider can reduce or eliminate those costs entirely. IP Office Conferencing employs easy-to-use conference control features to help keep people connected and making decisions faster. Conference participants can be on-site personnel as well as external parties whether field-based engineers, sales staff on the road, customers or suppliers. Conference calls can be planned in advance or established ad-hoc as and when required. Meet-me conferencing, allowing participants to dial into the conference themselves using a security code, is provided with Preferred Edition.

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