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The IP Office 500v2 Communications Solution supports up to 384 telephones and 8 T1/E1 trunks. Avaya IP Office provides full voice functionality with a wide range of features. IP Office can be configured as a traditional PBX and used as a traditional telephone system with call routing or can be configured as an IP telephony server.


• Supports up to 384 extensions (digital, IP & analogue) • Trunk interface - 204 Analogue trunks, 8 PRI trunks (240 channels), 16 BRI trunks (32 channels), 128 SIP trunks voice • 2 x 64 participant conferences, Meet-Me Conferencing • Supports up to 1000 employees across 32 locations

Phone cards:

The following phone cards are available • 8 port digital phone card (maximum of 3) • 32 channel VCM card (maximum of 2) • 64 channel VCM card (maximum of 2) • 2 port analogue phone card (maximum of 4) • 8 port analogue phone card (maximum of 4)

Trunk cards:

The following trunk cards are available: • 4 port analogue trunk card (maximum of 4) • 2 or 4 port BRI trunk card (maximum of 4) • 1 or 2 port PRI trunk card (maximum of 4)

Combination cards:

(maximum of 2) Combination cards are available with: 1) 6 digital and 2 analogue telephones, and 4 analogue trunks and 10 VCM channels 2) 6 digital and 2 analogue telephones, and 2 port BRI trunk card and 10 VCM channels

External expansion module options:

• IP500 analogue phone expansion module with 16 or 30 extensions • IP500 digital phone expansion module with 16 or 30 extensions

9600 series

9620L/C: The 9620L offers robust features, like status lights and buttons, and improved audio quality. A Power over Ethernet (PoE) Class 1 model has very low power consumption. 9630G, 9640: These phones support professionals who depend on phones. These models have advanced IP telephony features, including mobility applications. 9650/9650C: These are for receptionists and contact center agents—anyone who manages large call volumes—and delivers advanced capabilities like built-in button functions for one-touch access to bridges and feature keys. These phones support VPN software for remote working.

1600 series

1603: Backlit display, 2 rows of 16 characters, 3 programmable feature keys with red/green LEDs that give the user easy to read status information. 1603 SW: As 1603, but also has a second 10/100 Ethernet port and an integrated switch. 1608: 8 programmable feature keys with red/green LEDs, integrated headset interface, 3 rows of 24 characters. 1616: 16 programmable feature keys, BM32 port, integrated headset interface, 3 rows of 24 characters.

9500 series

9504/8: Backlit graphical display, 4/8 programmable call appearance or feature keys with red/green LEDs usable in three states, headset socket and hands-free features. Model 9508 supports the BM12 expansion module.

1400 series

The Avaya 1400 range of phones is aimed at companies that want a simple, inexpensive communications solution for their digital network. Backlit displays, programmable keys with dual-state LEDs (red & green) for easy to read status information. Model 1416 supports the DBM32 expansion module.

B100 series

All of the Avaya B100 conference telephones support OmniSound® 2.0 technology, provide telephone directory and SD-card call recording features, and a conference guide. B149: Analogue, medium-sized conference rooms10 participants, wireless headset port. B179: SIP, PoE, large conference rooms >10 participants, wireless headset port, web interface.


In addition to the conventional handsets 3720 and 3725, the product range is complemented by the new IP65-compatible models 3740/49. All handsets have a local telephone directory with up to 250 entries. 3720: Monochrome display with white backlight, 16 hrs call time, 180 hrs standby. 3725: Colour display, 16 hrs call time, 180 hrs standby, Bluetooth, SMS. 3740: Monochrome display with white backlight, 16 hrs call time, 180 hrs standby, graphical user interface, IP 65 water and dust resistant, shock resistant to IEC68-2-32. 3749: As 3740 with backlit colour display, Bluetooth for headsets, position sensor, integrates with alarm systems, water and dust resistant to ATEX and IECEX. Gas: II 2G EEx ib IIC T4 Dust: II 3D Ex ibD 22

WLAN telephony

Models 3641 and 3645 are pure wireless telephones that support 802.11a wireless networks. The 802.11a standard is suitable for networks in which a large number of users wish to transmit voice data wirelessly. These telephones also support 802.11b/g, are water and dust resistant, have large displays and easy-to-use interfaces, and come with a variety of battery sizes. The 3641 and the 3645 use the same Avaya Voice Priority processor and Open Application Interface. For integration into your existing voice ready enterprise wireless network.

Video softphone/ Mobile applications

The IP Office video softphone allows users of PCs or Laptops equipped with USB webcams to communicate with audio and video (requires Teleworker or Power User license). The one-X® Mobile Applications integrates mobile users into the IP Office System (requires Mobile Worker or Power User license). 3rd party SIP phones IP Office supports a range of 3rd party SIP phones, such as Polycom, Grandstream, Nokia SIP Client, etc (requires 3rd-party IP endpoint license).

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