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What is IP Office?


Avaya IP Office is the right choice for all small and medium size businesses today. Supporting up to 1000 employees, it is the perfect solution for start-ups and more established businesses, whether you operate from a single office, a home office or across multiple stores or locations.

Built-in resiliency for non-stop operations

For businesses with more than one location, IP Office can deliver continuous operation. Besides employees can turn their home phone into their office phone whenever they cannot physically get to the office. Storms or family emergencies don’t get in the way of making business happen.

Lower mobile phone/long-distance bills

IP Office offers many opportunities for reducing the cost of calls made by your staff out on the road, from mobiles, in hotels and even abroad.

Expand your talent pool without increasing real estate

IP Office gives you the flexibility to allow employees to work from home–wherever that may be, to avoid over-crowding at peak office times, for example:

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