Avaya Partner ACS R8 Processor

Reliability, simplicity, a large selection of advanced telephony features, and converged communications through fractional T1 make the PARTNER ACS (Advanced Communications System) ideal for small growing businesses.


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This system is designed to help meet the complex business needs facing small enterprises today-with room for growth to meet future needs.

Product Description

The Avaya Partner ACS Release 8 Phone System / Processor is Avaya's latest and greatest Partner phone system. It is the direct replacement for the R7 processors.

Like all Partner ACS Processors, the R8 can be run in a stand alone configuration and accomodates 5 phone lines and 9 Partner ACS series 1 or series 2 phones. You may also use the older MLS style partner phones.

Aside from a standalone configuration, the Partner ACS R7 is to be used in conjunction with Partner ACS 308EC modules, 400 modules and 012 Modules. To use more modules, you must use a 2 slot or 5 slot carrier.

The Partner ACS R8 phone system has a built in backup and restore card, negating the need for a seperate backup card.

  • NEW R8
  • 5x9 Processor Module
  • Supports 5 Lines and 9 Phones
  • For use standalone or with other Partner and Partner ACS Modules
  • 2 PC Card slots for Voice Messaging, ASA/DXD, Backup / Restore and software programming cards
  • Direct connection to analog answering machine, fax machines, partner acs telephones and modems to station ports.
  • 100 System Speed Dials
  • Supports door locks, security systems and other devices in conjunction with a 2 contact closure (sold seperately)
  • Music On Hold Port
  • Compatible with TAPI
  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Port
  • Built In Paging
  • Internal Backup
  • 100's More...

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Available for more than 18 years, over one million PARTNER ACS Systems have been sold worldwide. Click here for an interactive demo.

What's New With This Release

Partner ACS R8 Processor Features

  • Provides 5 Lines and 9 Stations
  • Paging Port - Connect a loudspeaker paging system to a line port
  • Backup/Restore Capabilities - Back up system programming to internal memory or a PC card
  • Administration Port - Built-in serial administration port for use with Partner ACS Remote Administration Software
  • Dual Line Caller ID - Supports both Caller ID name and number simultaneously on your display
  • 2 PC Card Slots - Used for backup/restore of system programming, voice messaging PC cards, ASA/DXD card, and software upgrades
  • Direct Connection of Analog Devices - Answering machines, fax machines, telephones, and modems
  • Two Contact-Closure Connections - Control door locks, security systems, and other devices by using the contact-closure adjunct
  • Music On-Hold Port - Connect a music source or on-hold messaging system
  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Port - Connect to a serial printer or call accounting solution
  • Two Power Failure Transfer Ports - Use single line telephones to connect to your phone lines during power outages

New Features Available with Partner ACS R8

  • Caller ID provided to analog tip/ring devices
  • Absent Text Message allows you to post an away message on the display of the Partner 34D or 18D
  • Network Time Synchronization allows you to synchronize the system time with your network provider's clock or by the internal system clock
  • Hot Dial allows you to set your system phone to go off-hook and start dialing as soon as the dial pad is activated
  • Message Alert Notification allows you to program a button to notify you of a message waiting at another extension
  • Personalized Station Ringing allows you to assign a personalized ring pattern to an extension for intercom calls
  • Override Line Ringing allows you to override the Unique Line Ringing settings for an extension and set all incoming calls to ring with a Personalized Station Ringing pattern
  • Support for the Avaya 3920 Wireless telephone
  • Support for Partner ACS R8.0 PC Administration software


The Partner ACS R8 Processor is compatible with a variety of voice mails, expansion modules, and telephone sets.

  • Voice Mail Systems - Partner Mail VS (R1-R4.1 and R5.0.21 or higher), Partner Messaging, and Partner Voice Messaging PC Cards
  • Expansion Modules - 200/200E, 206/206E, 308EC, 400E/400EC, 012E, T1, 1600 DSL
  • Telephone Sets - Standard Single Line, MLS, Eurostyle, and Eurostyle Series 2
  • Also compatible with a variety of wireless, headset and conferencing solutions



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