San Antonio video surveillance

Video Surveillance for commercial and private purposes. Live Video Surveillance implementations span many vertical market segments, from retail and small-to-medium business to the enterprise. Digital video surveillance systems must run 24x7, maximizing the need for storage reliability, capacity, and performance.

To address these needs, Alpha Net Communications provides a complete range of surveillance-optimized hard drives and also provides design and support services matched to the needs of the video surveillance industry. San Antonio Video Surveillance solutions include Enterprise Video Surveillance with Network connectivity that enables multiple users to simultaneously review video data on NDVRs Network Digital Video Recorders  spread across multiple remote sites. In essence, NDVRs eliminate the need for close proximity to a DVR in order to access its data.

NDVRs can significantly increase the usefulness and value of a company’s surveillance video by making it more readily available. A network of Ethernet-connected NDVRs can be accessed with just a standard web browser, enhancing user convenience and simplifying management duties. Security staff can remotely configure an NDVR to automatically archive older video data at prescribed intervals, or simply record over it. System diagnostics and troubleshooting can similarly be initiated from offsite locations. Deployment and configuration of NDVRs relies on a fundamental knowledge of Ethernet and Internet protocols and practices, which is increasingly common as today even small companies routinely manage their own file and print servers as well as TCP/IP-based Internet and email services.

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