Video Conferencing Services

In today's economy, you have to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers around the globe at a moment's notice. At the same time, you need to conduct your business to enhance the quality of your relationships. In the past, building and maintaining those critical business relationships meant expensive face-to-face engagement and productivity challenges, as well as mention time spent away from home and family. Today with Videoconferencing you can have face-to-face communication experience over the Network or Internet that empowers you to collaborate like never before.

Video Conferencing helps people meet, share content, create high-quality video recordings and events, consult with experts and deliver powerful personalized services, all using the power of the network for an immersive in-person experience. The intelligent network architecture offers built in innovative services, security, and reliability, to connect across the organization or between organizations. It uses standard IP technology and runs on an integrated voice, video, and data network. A Video Conferencing network should offer real-time voice and video communications across all sites, including organizational headquarters, branch or remote offices, or even telecommuter applications. They are reliable and secure, operating even over constrained bandwidth connections with quality of service, or high-speed broadband Internet connections.

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