IP Phone Systems

The promise of San Antonio IP Phone Systems is that it allows your business to communicate and operate as one highly-effective, integrated entity. Regardless of how many locations or what technology platforms were purchased over time, if they can work together, then users can gain new benefits without having to learn new interfaces. Moving to IP with a number of different vendor applications and equipment supporting voice and data functions can be a challenge. Interoperability is critical to reap the benefits of incremental infrastructure or application investments. As the world leader in enterprise IP telephony, Avaya has designed its San Antonio IP Phone Systems solutions specifically to work across your existing networks, applications, and devices. Avaya uses open standards and optimizes integrations through Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

The challenge for San Antonio IT managers is to leverage existing applications, user training, and infrastructure investments while deploying new solutions that will meet their future needs. To enable new capabilities without having to throw away the existing infrastructure and desktop tools is no longer an unrealistic goal. Avaya IP Telephony migration initiatives can layer on top of your existing network, to seamlessly integrate with almost every other application and equipment you may have in place. With Avaya you can keep up to 85% of your current infrastructure investment.
Interoperability is also important as you consider the benefits of deploying IP telephony globally, so your distributed enterprise can communicate and operate as one. Avaya focuses on providing interoperability to deliver new business models that can increase productivity and speed business change, all on a single network. Avaya makes it easy for you to move efficiently, reliably, and securely to the benefits of IP technology.

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